Creator of enriched customer relations


The division has been marketing magazine subscriptions for over 40 years and is the European leader in customer loyalty through magazines. The 2020 portfolio included more than 2.7 million subscriptions under management.

“Consumers have moved from an economy of ownership to an economy of access and use. This is why we create and provide brands with customised subscription systems. This allows them to enrich their customer relationships and thus build loyalty.”

Nancy Faure
General Manager of Dékuple Subscription Solutions

Our expertises

Dékuple Solutions Abonnements s’appuie sur des expertises diversifiées et complémentaires au service de la performance en data marketing. Nous veillons à faire évoluer constamment nos expertises pour rester dans l’excellence.


In 2020, the Subscription Solutions Division developed new performance optimisation tools, thanks to its data intelligence experts. They developed three tools: – Family Square, which enables the most appealing consumers to be targeted with the offers/services proposed, – OptiMax, which increases customer value by proposing “smart cross-selling” based on machine learning, – Personalised mailing, which optimises merchandising based on customer knowledge.

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