DÉKUPLE Group associates with HETIC

The Group is committed, for 2022, to recruiting 30 work-study students and 34 interns

The growing DÉKUPLE Group, an expert in cross-channel data marketing, which will be recruiting 300 people by 2022, has signed a partnership agreement with HETIC – Hautes Etudes des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication – the number one Web school – to train 64 students in digital marketing and data marketing professions.

The digitalization of companies is a major transformation that creates new uses and calls for new skills, both technical and personal, the famous “soft skills”. In this context, the digital marketing market is growing rapidly and is generating many needs in expertise.

The market is under pressure: in France, with 10 billion euros raised by startups in 2021 and more than 100,000 digital profiles in demand, how can we find these rare pearls at a time when the market is already in short supply? As the leader in data marketing in France, the Dekuple Group is taking action and contributing to the training of tomorrow’s experts.

By joining forces with HETIC, the leading school for digital and data marketing professions, the DÉKUPLE Group is committed to training a total of 64 students from the start of the new school year in digital marketing and data marketing professions: 30 in work-study programs and 34 in internships for positions as Consultants (web analytics / tracking / CRO / SEO / SEA / CRM, Inbound marketing, etc.), Assistant Influence Project Managers, Digital Marketing Project Managers, Full Stack Developers, UX Designers, etc.

Bertrand Laurioz, CEO of the DÉKUPLE Group, says: “We are very happy to welcome these 64 students from HETIC to the Group. The signing of this partnership with HETIC, a school renowned for its training in digital professions, allows us to offer students opportunities that are as close as possible to the current demands of the digital marketing and data marketing market. In conjunction with HETIC, we will put in place the conditions to reveal the potential of these young people and allow them to discover and operate with our various clients evolving in various sectors. We will also actively support the training provided.

“This partnership agreement with the DÉKUPLE Group is an important event for the school and a source of pride. Combining the expertise of a major player in data-marketing such as DÉKUPLE with our pedagogy allows us to ensure that our students have the best know-how and are effectively armed to face the ongoing war for talent in the digital and data professions. By strengthening our ties with a company of the size of the DÉKUPLE Group, HETIC is fulfilling its mission to help young people find lasting employment,” adds Frédéric Sitterlé, HETIC’s Managing Director.