Dekuple, main sponsor of skipper William Mathelin-Moreaux

Following the creation of its new brand, the Dekuple Group, leader in cross-channel data marketing, is committed to the skipper William Mathelin-Moreaux and announces the signing of a partnership with the sportsman. This partnership expresses the common values that animate the Dekuple Group and William Mathelin-Moreaux around the spirit of conquest, respect and mutual aid. This partnership will take different forms beyond the name of the boat: accompanying the skipper in his race program (in particular the Route du Rhum 2022 – Destination Guadeloupe), mobilization of employees around actions related to sponsorship, CSR actions related to the sea.

“The result of a long-standing meeting and reflection, we are delighted to sign this partnership with William Mathelin-Moreaux. Our values and the entrepreneurial spirit that we hold dear have allowed us to come together quite naturally around a common project. More than a partner, William Mathelin-Moreaux becomes a true collaborator within the Dekuple Group. His associative commitment to the Perce Neige Foundation has also touched us. All the entities of the Group will be at William’s side to accompany him in his sporting challenge” explains Bertrand Laurioz, CEO of the Dékuple Group.

“I am delighted to embark on this partnership with the Dékuple Group, a family business of multi-entrepreneurs whose values I can only share. Their unwavering support goes beyond the simple partnership; they are integrating me as one of their own,” enthuses William Mathelin-Moreaux.

A collective project

Before deciding to sign this partnership, all the employees of the Dekuple Group were consulted and a very large number of employees wanted to be strongly involved in this project. Internal working groups will be set up during the summer to develop different facets of the partnership and to animate this collective, federative and ambitious project.

A complete partnership

The Dekuple logo will be present in many places on the boat: hull, sails, cockpit, etc. and on the clothes of William Mathelin-Moreaux and his team.

Regular communications will take place in the form of photos, videos, texts and during the highlights of the launch (around July 20th), the christening of the boat in Saint-Malo during the 40 Malouines Lamotte in September and the Route du Rhum in November. It is also planned to co-organize meetings with the skipper and sailing events involving customers and employees. William Mathelin-Moreaux will also give conferences at the Group’s offices.

Along with other industrial partners, the Dekuple Group is looking forward to working on William’s success.

William Mathelin-Moreaux, a rising star in ocean racing

Aged 28, William Mathelin-Moreaux began a career as an architect which he left to devote himself fully to sailing.
At 25, the youngest skipper in the fleet, he completed the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe 2018 by placing 16th out of 53. It was this race that convinced him to devote himself professionally to this sport.

A new innovative Class40 named Dékuple

“We had the chance to launch the construction of a new Class40 last year. With the team around me, we wanted a versatile boat to respond to the multiple difficulties that can be encountered on the oceans. Adapting to all weather conditions is essential to reach our goals and stay in the lead. It is an innovative boat by its shape, the weight distribution but also the choice of the rigging and the shape of the sails. These are prototype boats, more and more sophisticated and this one is the result of several years of thinking and sailing. We are really looking forward to launching her and sailing her around the world,” explains William Mathelin-Moreaux.


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