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DÉKUPLE records strong growth in annual results in 2022 in line with its growth trajectory

Paris, April 3, 2023 – Buoyed by the dynamism of its activities (+10.3% growth) and the successful integration of its latest acquisitions, the DÉKUPLE Group, an expert in cross-channel data marketing, will post an annual EBITDA of €23.3 million in 2022, up 15%, and a net income of €11.4 million, up 25%. In the face of uncertainties related to the economic situation, the DÉKUPLE Group confirms the relevance of its “Ambition 2025” strategy aimed at becoming a European leader in data marketing.


Bertrand Laurioz, Chairman and CEO: “2022 was a year full of unforeseen events, crises and opportunities. The energy crisis then the war in Ukraine impacted purchasing power in France, and consumption habits changed considerably in a very short space of time. Some of our clients have been very affected and have scaled back their marketing investments. Alongside this, the digitalization of companies and their marketing has continued to progress, and our solutions have continued to evolve, enabling our clients to adapt to this new context. Once again, our Group, founded 50 years ago, has successfully adapted and made 2022 a year of success.

Despite the economic constraints, we achieved very solid financial performance levels, in line with our ambitions. Our consolidated net sales increased by +10.3% over the year, thanks in particular to the very strong progress made with Digital Marketing, which, with +28% net sales growth, now represents 52.5% of our net sales (versus 45% in 2021 and 36% in 2020), as well as the robust performance by our portfolio-based activities, such as sales of magazine subscriptions and insurance policies, which we are continuing to invest in.

The growth in our net sales and the optimization of our operational structures enabled the Group to achieve high levels of profitability in 2022, with EBITDA climbing +15% to €23.3m, representing 16.1% of our gross margin, and €11.4m of consolidated net income, with a 7.9% net margin. These good results once again reflect our Group’s sound foundations and the resilience of our diversified business model.

Although the general economic situation at the start of 2023 is still uncertain, we are continuing to diversify our activities, while ramping up our synergies and capitalizing on new complementary areas of technological expertise. We are continuing to further strengthen our data marketing leadership, illustrated in 2022 by our acquisitions of Brainsonic for engagement marketing and Smart Traffik for our marketing engineering solutions and agency activities. Our increased capacity for innovation is helping us to capitalize more effectively on the Group’s many areas of technological expertise to support our clients and partners.

Supported by our strong balance sheet and cash position, we are moving forward with our development with confidence, organically or through targeted acquisitions. In line with our Ambition 2025 plan to become a European leader for data marketing, we are perfectly positioned to maintain our roadmap for growth. Thanks to the dedication shown by more than 1,000 staff, we will be able to make 2023 another year of success”.

– Revenues: €181.2 million (+10.3%)
– Gross margin: €144.8 million (+7.5%)
– EBITDA: €23.3 million (+14.7%), or 16.1% of gross margin
– Consolidated net income: €11.4 million (+25.1%)


The detailed financial release is available on the DÉKUPLE website: