We offer cutting-edge data-marketing expertise for companies looking to optimise their brand image. Our approach is based on in-depth analysis of customer data, precise segmentation of the target audience and personalisation of messages to create relevant and engaging brand experiences. We transform raw data into strategic insights that feed into every aspect of your branding strategy.


Data, combined with a hybrid approach combining AI and human expertise, enriches our strategy by revealing insights into the market, consumers and trends, laying the foundations for powerful brand strategies.
  • Data is used to gain in-depth knowledge of the market, customers and trends
  • Artificial intelligence, for rapid data analysis, combined with human intelligence for fine-tuned recommendations
  • Rerelevant insights are employed to develop effective brand strategies
  • Strategic positioning, based on a solid understanding of markets and consumer behaviour


Our mission is to create memorable brand experiences, using data to design innovative campaigns that engage and inspire. We are convinced that building a strong and assertive brand image is fundamental to developing business performance.
  • Make noise, create a buzz, be where you're not expected... this is all right up our street!
  • Innovation with the use of advanced technologies through popular platforms
  • Creation of meaningful, user-centred content
  • Data usage to understand consumer needs and innovate


We create quality content that reflects the uniqueness of your brand and forges links with your audience, based on a detailed analysis of your sector and consumer preferences, to strengthen positioning and stimulate engagement.
  • Solid links created with the target audience
  • Strategy based on in-depth analysis of the sector and consumer preferences
  • Relevant content created to reinforce brand positioning
  • Each piece of content carefully designed to increase brand visibility
  • Strategy based on conversion and loyalty objectives


We work hand in hand with our creative studio, data experts and strategic planning to deploy the ideal creative concepts. Whatever the brand, we seek to challenge it and take it out of its comfort zone to surprise marketing teams and consumers alike. Through traditional or more original channels, our creative studio creates innovative ideas to amplify the impact of your marketing operations.
  • The creative studio is there to think "outside the box" and to imagine what you hadn't dared to do for your brand.
  • Make noise, create a buzz, be where you're not expected... all right up our street!
  • ⦁ Collection, analysis and creative use of data are at the core of our model.


To develop your brand, Dékuple uses its expertise in data marketing, combining data analysis, target segmentation and personalised messaging for engaging brand experiences. We turn insights into effective branding strategies, using accurate data to create visual content and innovative campaigns that captivate and engage your audience.