Our expert training courses on Intelligence

The Dékuple Group, whose diverse skills are based on creativity, data and technology, is at the heart of IAG applications. Discover our specialised training courses aimed at raising awareness and training management committees, executives and their managers in the crucial issues of Generative Artificial Intelligence. These training courses are delivered via our three entities: Brainsonic, Converteo and the Dékuple Agency, Dékuple Ingénierie Marketing B2B, each offering a unique and complementary approach covering a broad spectrum of knowledge and use cases.


Master the IAG and explore its challenges

The training courses provided by the various entities of the Dékuple Group cover a broad spectrum of knowledge and applications that managers need to fully grasp the challenges of the IAG:

Acculturation :

- Definition of key concepts, state of the art
- Legal, economic and ethical issues
- Technical issues: the strengths and limitations of AGI