Work Environment

We couldn’t imagine going back to a 100% face-to-face office when everyone had made the effort to adapt to telecommuting in order to always serve our external and internal customers better. Telecommuting has proven its advantages, no efficiency problems and a gain in travel time, more flexibility for everyone and a strong point of work-life balance.

Portraot Marie-Laure Ricard

“Developed in the emergency of the health crisis, telecommuting has transformed the professional expectations of candidates and our teams. We have adopted it for 98% of our employees. At our Montreuil and Chantilly sites, two days a week are teleworked. For our other activities, Converteo, AWE … the very flexible telecommuting is adapted to the teams’ activities with face-to-face meetings to maintain the link between the company and the employees by enhancing the team spirit.”

Marie-Laure Ricard
Head of Human Resources and CSR of Dekuple