Gender Equality

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but also a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

The ambition of dékuple

Aware of the importance of professional diversity and the need to guarantee equal opportunities and treatment of employees in comparable situations, Dekuple has made professional diversity an integral part of the Group’s culture. This commitment is notably translated through action plans and the signature of the Diversity Charter.

Dekuple is a signatory of the Diversity Charter, which contributes to the development of a management that respects differences and is based on trust. The respect of this Charter improves the richness and cohesion of the teams, source of a better living together, and thus of performance. By signing this Charter, we commit to

– Promote the application of the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms in all acts of management and decision-making of the company or organization, and in particular in all stages of human resources management.

– Promote the representation of the diversity of society in all its differences and richness, the cultural, ethnic and social components; within the workforce and at all levels of responsibility.

– Communicate our commitment to all our employees as well as to our customers, partners and suppliers, in order to encourage them to respect and implement these principles.

Our Commitments

– Fair compensation
– Balanced training
– Facilitated work/life balance

flora Herbet

“While 65% of Converteo’s workforce is currently made up of men, we have a real challenge in terms of feminizing our teams. That’s why, for all our employer brand communications, we are careful to highlight both male and female profiles. We also make sure that a female manager is present for each recruitment process for female candidates to allow for better projection.”

Flora Herbet
Head of Human Resources at Converteo

Parity index

Dekuple (ADLPartner) has established, in accordance with the law and like all companies with more than 50 employees, the Index dedicated to professional equality between women and men. The Group declared an overall index of 93/100, broken down by indicator as follows

Pay gap indicator: 34

Indicator of the difference in individual pay rise rates: 35

Return from maternity leave indicator: not calculable

High pay indicator: 10

Parity within the group

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