Quality Education

Quality education aims to ensure equal access to quality lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Ambition of Dékuple

Education is a natural part the DNA of the Group.
The magazine press, our original area of business, is a vector of culture and development at the service of quality education. Through this activity, Dékuple offers access to several information sources in digital and paper press.

We are pleased and proud to:
– Help everyone to access information and culture that guarantees quality education.
– Enable access to information and culture that reduces the digital divide.
– Contribute locally to a better education for all, regardless of age and social background.

Our Commitments

A partnership with My Job Glasses to help young people

The My Job Glasses network offers young people between the ages of 18 and 30 the opportunity to connect with a very large community of helpful professionals in all activities and sectors. This partnership helps us to promote the company’s specialisations, to offer mentoring to young people by Group professionals to help them in their choice of training and professional orientation. Dékuple and its subsidiaries are represented by 50 volunteer mentors who promote the diversity of the Group’s professions.

Anthony Moreau

“With My Job Glasses, the Group’s ambition is to guide and support young people between the ages of 18 and 30 in their educational and professional choices. Our 50 mentors represent the diversity of the Group in terms of parity, profession and experience in order to guarantee the best support possible. These interviews are designed to present our professions and help them discover new ones. Since the beginning of this partnership in early 2021, 300 appointments have already been made.”

Anthony Moreau
Dékuple HR Development Manager