William Mathelin-Moreaux : The Olympic Torchbearer at the Paralympic Heart

No sooner had the second leg of the Atlantic Cup been completed than our skipper William Mathelin-Moreaux took to the water on 6 June as the Olympic Torchbearer, supported by the residents of Perce-Neige’s Foundation.

A busy week for the skipper of Class40 Dékuple! After finishing the 2nd leg of the Atlantic Cup in 3rd place, Thursday 6 June was another great day for William Mathelin-Moreaux. Indeed, as we announced, he has the honour of being designated as one of the Olympic Torchbearers in Lorient, his home port. Encouraged by the residents of the Perce-Neige Foundation, he ran the 200 metres entrusted to him.


Ten residents travelled from Boussay and Bagneux-Saumur yesterday to cheer on the patron of their foundation. They had the pleasure of meeting their sponsor, as well as taking part in a creative workshop where they each made their own Olympic Flame. The Flames they took with them this morning on the William Mathelin-Moreaux course. While the relay began at 8.25am from the pontoons at Lorient La Base, arriving at 9.50am at Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, William carried the flame from 8.51am, 1.6km from the starting point, to the encouragement of the residents of the Perce-Neige Foundation.


Committed to the Perce-Neige Foundation, the Dékuple Group is delighted with their participation in this historic moment and proud to have accompanied William in the “Olympic Torchbearer” adventure, which resonates with our values of the Spirit of Conquest, Respect and Mutual Aid.

I’m really happy, proud and honoured to be wearing this beautiful symbol! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so you have to make the most of it. I’m lucky enough to have a number of partners present, including the residents of the Perce-Neige Foundation, who I’d like to thank for accompanying me in this unique event.

William Mathelin-Moreaux
Skipper of the Class40 Dékuple