12 years of partnership between Dékuple and Office National des Forêts

Today, it’s important for the Dékuple Group to highlight the actions that have marked the twelfth year of our partnership with the ONF (Office National des Forêts).

Environmental and societal commitments, responsible consumption and production, gender equality, good health & well-being and quality education are not the only CSR levers on which the Dékuple Group excels. As we are committed to preserving nature for future generations, we make a daily commitment to the climate by limiting and recycling waste, as well as preserving energy and natural resources. 2023 has been enriched by several positive actions with the ONF:

  • With the threat of global warming and the need to act to limit its effects becoming ever more apparent, the Groupe Dékuple and the ONF are working hard to raise awareness among the younger generation of the need to preserve forest ecosystems. For example, we welcomed 4 elementary school classes from Montreuil and the surrounding area to the Sénart state forest (La Faisanderie environmental education center).
  • Forests act as a buffer and filter for rainwater. As a result, streams form in forested areas before flowing into streams. As time went by, the Ru de Berne deviated from its original meanders, so it became essential to get it back on the right track. We helped finance the restoration of the river to improve its ecological qualities, namely, maintain its banks and allow free movement of fish. With the support of Dékuple, the ONF has launched the final phase of the work.
  • Metropolitan France's forests capture around 20% of our CO² emissions, are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, produce wood and provide a range of leisure activities. Unfortunately, climate change is causing some of these forests to wither. With our support, the ONF will be planting around 1,300 oak and fruit trees on a plot of land in the Forêt de Montmorency, to replace diseased chestnut trees with better-adapted species.

Our daily commitment to protecting our planet continues, just as our partnership with the Office National des Forêts will continue in 2024. Other equally important initiatives are in the pipeline, and we look forward to sharing them with you.