2023 FULL-YEAR EARNINGS: further year of strong growth in line with the “Ambition 2025” plan

ADLPartner, the parent company of the DÉKUPLE Group, a European cross-channel data marketing expert, is reporting its full-year earnings for 2023.

Bertrand Laurioz, DÉKUPLE Chairman and CEO: “2023 was a very positive year for our Group. Following the economic crises that began in 2022 relating to energy, purchasing power and Ukraine, the global geopolitical situation was still very unstable, but the Group successfully resisted these new challenges. With the rapid ramp-up of Generative Artificial Intelligence, our clients are becoming more aware of the need to further strengthen the digitalization of their marketing and sales, which is the Dékuple Group’s core business.

Although many businesses have had to contend with cash flow pressures, leading to increased caution with their marketing investments, our Group has maintained its roadmap for robust growth and continued rolling out its transformation.

Our consolidated net sales climbed +10% this year, driven primarily by the very strong growth in Digital Marketing, which now represents 60% of the Group’s total net sales, compared with 36% in 2020, and recorded a sustained increase in its gross margin by +39%. Our net income (Group share) is up +14% to €12.4m, highlighting the relevance of our offers and the improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. The Group continues to benefit from a solid balance sheet, with its cash position up to over €63m, giving us the resources needed to finance our development in line with our 2025 strategic plan.

The general economic situation at the start of 2024 is still uncertain, but we believe that the digitalization and datafication of businesses, and particularly their marketing, will continue to accelerate.

Our Group is perfectly positioned to meet these challenges. Our teams continue to be mobilized as we move forward with the roadmap for the profitable growth of our activities, and specifically the digital marketing business, whose weighting within the Group will continue to see strong progress.

Under our 2025 plan, we will achieve this growth organically, while further strengthening our capacity for innovation, particularly with our Data Platform and the use of Artificial Intelligence, capitalizing on the Group’s many areas of technological expertise. We will also make business acquisitions that may open up complementary areas of expertise, depending on the opportunities, in France and across Europe.

I have every confidence in our ability to adapt, to continue building on our growth and to continuously improve the relevance of our offers and the quality of our deliverables. We form a Group that is unique thanks to its stable family shareholding structure, its multi-entrepreneur group organization, its long-term vision and its diverse areas of expertise. We are looking forward to another year of success in 2024”.


  • Sales: €200 M (+ 10.2%)
  • Gross margin: €161 million (+ 11%)
  • Net income, Group share: €12.4 million, 7.7% of gross margin (+ 20 points)

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