Aware that maximising the long-term value of each customer is essential, we have developed a strategic approach designed to strengthen the fundamental pillar of customer loyalty, based on emotion and gratification. We are committed to converting every interaction into an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship.


We put mechanisms in place that are tailored to each brand, rewarding every purchase or every action you wish to encourage. We help you to strengthen loyalty by creating an effective incentive mechanism with a simple pathway that also enables you to collect high-value data on your customers.
  • Multi-channel campaigns designed to enhance the gift experience and stimulate in-store visits
  • Experiences offered as gifts to build customer loyalty and support their purchasing power
  • Catalogues created of individual experiences linked to the brand-labelled products
  • KPIs Monitored to measure visits and sales generated


This approach aims to build customer loyalty in an emotional context, such as on the customer’s birthday, with a customer gift. At Dékuple, we believe that to build loyalty, we must understand the reasons for any customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction in order to demonstrate particular attention, that can be seen as an additional action by the brand and therefore a small boost to loyalty.
  • A turnkey reward solution to meet all your use cases
  • Gift catalogue in the brand's colour scheme
  • A gift that depends on the context, your target and your budget
  • Design, implementation and management of a loyalty programme
  • More than 3,000 activities (museums, spa sessions, gym weeks, etc.)


We can help you build customer loyalty and boost traffic and sales. Our 360° solution will help you create a customised gift experience for your brand and manage end-to-end access for your customers by sending them codes with each purchase. We do this by drawing on our network of local and digital business partners. We work with you from the design of the multi-lever acquisition campaign through to performance analysis.