Dékuple acquires a majority interest in Smart Traffik and further strengthens its solutions for Retail brands

Paris, January 5, 2023 (8am) – The Dékuple Group, a cross-channel data marketing expert, is announcing that it has acquired a majority interest in the capital of Smart Traffik, which publishes dedicated SaaS solutions for retailers and brands looking to generate qualified traffic online and in-store. This latest external growth operation will enable the Group to further strengthen its data-marketing solution consulting and implementation expertise for Retail, providing innovative new solutions in response to this sector’s deep transformations.

Founded in 2012 by Laurent Simonin, Emmanuel Isnard and Yann Gilquin, Smart Traffik offers SaaS web-to-store solutions that meet the new challenges of the Retail world, helping optimize the business performance of 120 retailers and brands representing more than 25,000 points of sale.

Its range of innovative and rapidly activated solutions is focused on two main areas:

> In-store qualified lead generation through:

– Presence Management to provide online visibility for points of sale,

– Click and collect to make products accessible through audience hubs (Local Product),

– Multi-platform online appointment booking for retailers’ services (Smart Reserve).

> Omnichannel measurement of the effectiveness of media investments, marketing allocations and advertising campaign optimization (oKube).

This business combination will enable the Dékuple Group to further strengthen its technological know-how for Retail Marketing, a client segment that has been developing strongly since 2020 in view of this market’s major transformations.

The Dékuple Group has been supporting Retail brands for many years with their digitalization, datafication, cross-channel and omnichannel approaches. The Covid crisis has accelerated these phenomena. However, points of sale, which generate 86% of sales, are still central to retailers’ challenges and concerns. So, we are helping them with drive-to-store and measuring the performance of these campaigns. With leaflets expected to be phased out due to the combined impact of rising paper costs, environmental considerations and the likely widespread deployment of the “OUI PUB” initiative, marketing drivers and investments need to be reviewed and adapted with a stronger focus on performance and ROI, in a consumption environment impacted by inflation. That is why we are delighted to welcome Smart Traffik and its 40 staff to the Dékuple Group’s ecosystem of solutions. This alliance will help Smart Traffik to develop its SaaS solutions and offer new performance drivers for retailers. Alongside this, in the same way as Smart Traffik’s current partners and clients, the Dékuple Group’s various business units will be able to develop their support and create new solutions enabling our retail clients to better target and better invest in relevant, measurable and effective drivers that will generate higher returns on investment”, explains Bertrand Laurioz, Dékuple Group Chairman and CEO.

We are very pleased to be joining a major operator like the Dékuple Group, which we have chosen for the compatibility of our core values and our visions. It is a multi-entrepreneur group within which we will be able to maintain our independence and which will provide us with the resources needed to develop our solutions with a fully independent approach. We will be able to develop strong commercial synergies with all of the Group’s business units serving the Retail sector, while further strengthening our relations with the partners and advertisers that we already work with. By joining Dékuple, we also want to contribute to and benefit from its European and international ambition with our technological solutions designed for international brands and retailers”, confirms Laurent Simonin, co-founder and CEO of Smart Traffik.

The Dékuple Group has been working with Smart Traffik since 2022 and has capitalized on synergies to develop several projects for leading Retail brands, such as BUT, whose drive-to-store arrangements won a Trophées du Marketing 2022 gold award.

This latest external growth operation, taking the number of companies that have joined Dékuple up to nine in the past three years, is fully aligned with the Group’s global strategy aiming to position itself as a European leader for data marketing by 2025.

Smart Traffik is a profitable and growing company, and expects to achieve a net sales of around €2.5m for 2022. The company will be consolidated in Dékuple’s accounts from January 1st, 2022.