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The Dékuple Group is characterised by a range of professions in the digital and data sector, which places us in a leading position in the data marketing sector. The spirit of conquest, mutual aid and respect are the values that drive us and that we draw on in our daily work. Through our HR policy, we aim to support the performance and well-being of our teams in accordance with our values.

“Remote working has evolved immensely during the health crisis and transformed the professional expectations of candidates and our teams. We have adopted it ourselves for 98% of our employees. At our Montreuil and Chantilly sites, work is remote two days a week. For our other activities, including Converteo, AWE, remote working is very flexible and adapted to the teams’ activities, along with face-to-face meetings to maintain the link between the company and the employees and promoting team spirit.”

Marie-Laure Ricard
Group Human Resources and CSR Director

Our values


The driving force of Dékuple, the Spirit of Conquest drives the collective dynamics of our Group today as it as it has always done. Experimentation. Innovation. Ambition. This energy motivates us every day to reinvent ourselves and to take on and meet the new challenges that we and our customers are presented with.


A fundamental value at Dékuple, Respect is at the core of our Group since its creation. Respect for our employees. Respect for our customers. Respect for consumers. Respect for our commitments. Respect for the law. Respect is the foundation of our balance and our success, through the short as well as the long term.


A unifying value of Dékuple, Mutual Support is at the heart of our group relationships. Creating synergies. Building solidarity. Combining benevolence and performance. Mutual Support ensures the cohesion of our large family on a daily basis.

some numbers

  • 38
    Average age
  • +700
    employees as of 31/08/2021
  • +150
    recruitments planned in 2021

our recruitment policy

ADLPerformance is a signatory of the Diversity Charter, which contributes to the development of management that respects differences and is based on trust. Compliance with this Charter improves the breadth and cohesion of the teams, helps working together improve, and thus improves performance.

By signing this Charter, we are committed to

– Promote non-discrimination in all its forms in all acts of management and decision-making of the company or the organisation, and in particular in all stages of Human Resources management.

– Promote the representation of society’s diversity in terms of all its differences and richness, its cultural, ethnic and social components, within the workforce and at all levels of management.

– Communicate our commitment to all our employees as well as to our customers, partners and suppliers, to encourage them to respect and deploy these principles.