Social and Environmental Responsibility at Dékuple

Our commitments

As a family-owned company with strong values and a stable shareholder base, we have always taken a long-term view of our activity.

Since our creation, we have always given particular attention to our employees and our ecosystem and we work together in mutual trust over the long term.

Since 2000, we have developed a rigorous and optimistic CSR policy, integrated into our projects and our innovation in the service of our clients.

We have been ISO14001 certified continuously since 2010 for our partnership activities, and our commitment to society was strengthened in 2020 when the Group signed up to the UN Global Compact and in particular to these 4 major objectives for which we are taking concrete and measurable action:

– responsible consumption and production

– quality education – good health and well-being at work

– gender equality

We are a dynamic Group at the service of our customers and partners. We believe that growth is a necessary component in the life of our companies, and that this growth must be rationalised over the long term, with respect for people and the environment.

Our performance, now and in the future, must be both economic and social.

The group’s 700 employees are the driving force behind this approach, which goes beyond organisations and hierarchies.

“Our CSR approach includes all the components of the group. It is applied on a daily basis in the decisions and actions taken by management, but also in the freedom given to each employee to make propositions and contribute, wherever possible, to helping us progress in these areas. Employees are the driving force behind this approach, which goes beyond organisations and hierarchies.”

Bertrand Laurioz
CEO of the Dékuple Group