Dékuple launches ReThink & ReBoost Retail Marketing

Aware of the difficulties facing the retail sector, which have intensified since the health crisis and recent economic upheavals (inflation, closures, restructuring, etc.), the Dékuple Group, experts in cross-channel data marketing, is launching its ReThink & ReBoost Retail Marketing offering, to help retailers optimize and develop their business performance against a backdrop of rapid change (digitalization, optimization of the marketing mix, new consumption patterns, declining purchasing power).

The development of the new ReThink & ReBoost Retail Marketing offer draws on the Group’s extensive expertise in the retail sector, acquired over several years with over 120 players in the retail and distribution sectors.

Against a backdrop of multi-factorial change in retail and consumption, Dékuple now offers multi-expertise support, with data at the heart of efficiency and performance, to players in the sector, enabling them to respond rapidly to their major current and future challenges.

Bringing together all the “digital & data-driven” expertise of the Group’s various entities, the global ReThink & ReBoost Retail Marketing offering helps retailers to resolve 5 major challenges:

  • optimize or redefine the marketing mix using data-driven analysis methods to improve investment and profitability in branding and marketing;
  • rethink, digitalize & measure drive-to-store in response to the gradual disappearance of leaflets and the increasing digitalization of consumers;
  • maximize the ROI of sales operations by combining engagement, influence and customer experience online and at the point of sale;
  • develop loyalty and repeat purchases, particularly in a context of declining purchasing power, through loyalty-building promotional and relational initiatives;
  • enhance and monetize their customer capital to generate additional revenues that directly improve their profitability.

“Over the past few years, the retail sector has undergone a number of transformations, requiring a structural rethink – thanks in particular to digital and data – of the way retailers design and conduct their marketing operations. The Covid crisis has reshuffled the cards in terms of interactions between consumers and retail players, bringing to the fore the need for a “seamless” omnichannel customer journey to deliver the best customer experience, both in e-commerce and at the point of sale, which still accounts for 86% of sales.

From an economic and ecological point of view, several trends are driving retailers to change. The combination of environmental issues, the arrival of OUI PUB and the doubling of paper costs are sounding the death knell for unaddressed leaflets, in favor of rapid activation and measurable, ROI-strong digital levers. The economic crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine, and inflation in particular, are forcing retailers to adapt their offers and marketing campaigns to maximize performance and ROI.
Finally, consumers are adopting sometimes schizophrenic consumer behaviors, seeking out both the lowest prices and the most ecological/socially responsible offers. For all these reasons, we decided to combine our digital and data-driven expertise to remaster retailers’ branding and marketing strategies and systems in line with the new needs arising from this context”, says Bertrand Laurioz, CEO of the Dékuple Group.

“This offer, which is based on in-depth knowledge of the retail sector and federates all the data, digital and cross-channel expertise within the Dékuple Group, enables us to offer a very broad spectrum of support, from strategy consulting to the creative and operational implementation of branding and cross-channel marketing systems, in terms of acquisition, activation, loyalty or monetization. We’ve designed it as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for retail decision-makers, with a very pragmatic approach that enables advertisers to come to the Dékuple Group for either a global end-to-end approach, or just the expertise or skills they’re lacking,” explains Claude Charpin, Commercial Director of the Dékuple Group, in charge of this offering.

As a reminder, in the retail sector, the Dékuple Group assists major GSA/GSS brands (Carrefour, E.Leclerc, U, Leroy Merlin, BUT, Boulanger, etc.), retail brands (Optic2000, IDKIDS, Lacoste, Cultura, Sephora, etc.) and e-tailers (ManoMano, La Redoute, Atlasformen, etc.) with their marketing strategies. ), retail brands (Optic2000, IDKIDS, Lacoste, Cultura, Sephora, etc.), e-retailers (ManoMano, La Redoute, Atlasformen), automotive brands (Audi, Mercedes, Stellantis, Aramis Auto, Speedy, etc.) and luxury brands (LVMH, Hermès, Kering, etc.).

The Dékuple Group supports these prestigious customers through its various entities: Converteo, Brainsonic, l’Agence Dékuple, Reech, Ividence, Smart Traffik.